Dr Amanda Williamson

Amanda Williamson

Dr Amanda Williamson serves as the Generative Artificial Intelligence Lead at Deloitte New Zealand, supporting both Deloitte and its clients in capitalising on the strategic opportunities AI offers. Her team is focused on guiding leaders through the practicalities of adopting AI – from understanding the ‘why’ and ‘where’, to the ‘how’ – facilitating a technology-agnostic approach to implementation. Amanda has delivered over 50 seminars to senior leaders on the subject of Generative AI, and driven the design and delivery of numerous proof of concepts using ground-breaking generative AI techniques, achieving productivity improvements of up to 75% among testers. Her contribution to the field extends to establishing strategic roadmaps, creating cross-functional and multi-region AI governance groups, and providing enterprise-level AI education. Amanda utilises her academic background, inclusive of a PhD, a 15-year track record of excellence in research, to provide cutting-edge and robust perspectives.

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