Startup Alley

Thanks to Callaghan Innovation and New Zealand Growth Capital Partners (NZGCP) we are delighted to bring Startup Alley to the Aotearoa AI Summit.

The support of Callaghan Innovation and NZGCP means that associated startups, who don’t often have large budgets, can showcase themselves both virtually and in person at the Summit. Startups are a huge and important component of our AI ecology and need support to continue to innovate and grow, to build more of our unique Kiwi innovation we are so well known for.

Startups nominated by both sponsors will be exhibiting at Startup Alley in the exhibition area, where they can connect with delegates, sponsors and speakers.

All associated startups from Callaghan Innovation, NZGCP and the AI Forum will be invited to build their own dedicated virtual page within the virtual startup alley on the Summit platform. Allowing them to connect with virtual and in person delegates on the day, and for up to a month after the event.

All AI Forum startup members are invited to join the virtual Startup Alley – please email us if you are interested in participating.

Start-Up Alley Participants
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Callaghan Innovation is New Zealand’s innovation agency.

It activates innovation and helps businesses grow faster for a better New Zealand.

The government agency partners with ambitious businesses of all sizes, delivering a range of innovation and research and development (R&D) services to suit each stage of their growth. Its staff – including more than 200 of New Zealand’s leading scientists and engineers – empower innovators by connecting people, opportunities and networks, and providing tailored technical solutions, skills and capability development programmes, and R&D funding.

Callaghan Innovation’s skills and startups team is dedicated to enhancing and embedding exceptional innovation capability in NZ businesses – from startups to frontier ventures.

Callaghan Innovation supports Kiwi startups through its Technology Incubators, Founder Incubators, Accelerator partners, and skills programmes such as Innovation IP and Capital Education. The Technology Incubators invest in – and actively help commercialise – early-stage deep technologies. The Founder Incubators and Accelerators build exceptional entrepreneurs, and accelerate the growth of ambitious NZ startups, by providing access to world-class mentors and investors.

NZGCP were established in 2002 by the New Zealand Government and invest into early stage Kiwi companies with high-growth potential.

We partner with other investors to give Kiwi innovators the leg up that they need to succeed.

Our Aspire fund invests directly into early stage NZ tech start-ups at the Seed and Angel investment stage, and although Aspire is a generalist fund, our investment focus is on software, agri-tech, health-tech and deep-tech areas/sectors.

Elevate is a $300m fund of funds, investing directly into venture capital firms; aimed at filling the Series A and B capital gap for high-growth NZ tech companies.

NZGCP also performs a market development role to further develop the breadth of skill base in New Zealand, hence our sponsorship of this year’s Aotearoa AI Summit where we hope to help showcase and foster the talent of Kiwi innovation in this AI space”.