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  • Aotearoa AI Summit - 12 September 2022

  • AI Trends and Trajectories in Aotearoa

  • AI continues to be a significant tool in ICT leaders’ kits to advance digital transformation plans. Taking inspiration from practical and current uses of AI within businesses, this session will share the trends, the benefits and the current climate of AI.

  • How can organisations navigate the ethical concerns associated with AI? What is "responsible AI" and why does it matter? What role does privacy law play in AI and what tools and techniques are available to identify and manage privacy risks? What's happening with Europe's proposed AI legislation and what impact can we expect it to have on NZ organisations?

  • 18 months on: Examining the National AI Strategy.

    - What can we learn from the roll out – how can we harness AI to solve some of NZ’s most pressing opportunities

    - How will AI operate within Aotearoa and the global market.

  • Panel: Investigating start ups.

    Being a start-up can be exhilarating, exhausting, confusing and challenging all at the same time. Join us at this tailored panel discussion as we bring some experts together where they will discuss strategies and guidance for NZ’s start-up community, and provide you with an option to ask your burning questions.

    - Providing start-ups with guidance especially relating to Tax Credits, funding, and grants

    - Modern marketing and growth strategies.

  • Case study: Bringing data to life.

    - Combining AI and analytics to tell a story.

    - Using AI to bring actionable data to the c-suite.

  • Panel: Influencing next generation transformation.

    - Building automation and insight through smart AI provision.

    - Enabling engagement with customers, staff, and stakeholders.

    - What is AI doing for business? Crushing inefficiencies and building intuitive interfaces.

  • Delegates will be invited to choose their topics of choice at these facilitated discussions. Led by an industry expert, connect and network with your peers while discussing the latest challenges and opportunities within AI.

  • Our panel of AI startups will share the problems and challenges they are solving in quick fire presentations. Followed by a panel discussion, this session is designed to highlight opportunities within the AI industry and identify how we can continue to grow AI provision within NZ organisations.

  • Recruitment, Retention and Training of talent within the ICT sector has been a core focus for many years, and for the AI community, it is a core area of focus. This panel discussion will focus on how we can continue to foster connections – and build the AI community in NZ while building connections across the globe

    - Mentoring and matching talent with needs.

    - Diversity – championing women in AI, Māori and Pasifika and youth programmes to build capacity and capability within the sector.

    - Training and building connections across the globe.

  • • Sharing examples from previous projects across Asia
    • Challenges with turning small AI into large AI application – the data evolution
    • Processing data right as its being captured to take the most advantage of smart technologies